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About Dr. Rishi


Proud to be a TeacherDr. Rishi Tripathi, born in 1977 in Brahmin family of western U.P. in India has been conducting an enquiry into the depth of religious and spiritual matters since the dawn of his childhood. His growth of his interest to unveil the mysteries of the universe, to explore the religious of the unknown and to find out the answer of fundamental questions relating to life, existence and its purpose developed steadily.

Dr. Rishi Tripathi is an widely accepted and renowned tantra yoga teacher, who travels through out India conducting Meditation and Yoga, tantra workshops/shivir’s for transformation of human minds. He studied “Tantar & Scientific Yoga” thoroughly along with other specified subjects such as exercise philosophy, spiritual philosophies. He obtained the P.G. Degree Education from Laxmibai National Institute of Physical Education (LNIPE), Gwalior. Subsequently completed 3 years PG Diploma and Doctorate in Naturopathy and Yoga Therapy.

He is the author of Many books -“Yoga for Stress“, “Discovering the Covered“, “Yoga fo all”, “Foundations of Physical Educaton”. His talks and yoga videos are available on all online portals. in both English and hindi languages on many topics also he has given dfferferent specific solutions that reflects daily living and total health.

With his learning experiences and deep realization Dr. Rishi Tripathi felt that we all are the drops of the same ocean and suppose to live in relation to the feeling of love, togetherness & Peace. amp; freedom.