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Sports Yoga Training

1779987_1407628772823521_1689080869_n Yoga Therapy is a focused approach towards healing the mind and body using combination of various Postures, Breathing Techniques (Pranayam), Gestures (Mudra) and, Meditation and Therapeutic Relaxation.
An integrated and systematic approach to yoga, which we teach has a positive effect on health. This includes both physiological heath & psychological well being. Yoga is most effective in dealing with psychosomatic problems. If practiced diligently on a long term basis it can have a significant effect on a person’s health-both on preventive basis and to control and cure existing problems.
» Bronchial Asthma ,Nasal allergy, Chronic Bronchitis, Diabetes, Thyrotoxicosis, Obesity.
» Higher & Low Blood Pressure and Ischemic heart diseases(HID).
» Breathing movements for the heart patients & Elderly people.
» Migraine Tension headache.
» Anxiety neurosis, Depressive Neurosis.
» Rheumatism, Back pain. Arthritis, Gastritis and Peptic ulcer, Chronic Diarrhea and dysentery, Irritable –Bowel syndrome (IBS).
» Mental Retardation. Sleep less ness. Neck shoulder pains.
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