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Yoga Camps


“Its a 7 days intensive program of 14 sessions, with each session of 2 hour’s duration ”

Body Purification Mind Purification Spiritual Purification Benefits
Asana Pranayam for peace Satsang talks Improved Life
Pranayam Catharsis for emotional Meditation intensive session Work Happiness
Exercises blockages Togetherness Change in DailyLiving
Recreational activities Kriya’s for relaxative mind Light of the self Better Health
AsanaStretching/flexibility/strength Relaxation and yoga nidra Tratak Self Confidence
Diet habits Laughing and fun Prakash kriya Free from (Bad) Habbits

At last a big get together and ceremony end up with maha bhoj.

This program is for all age people and also involvers, friendship, disease cure, diet habits, daily living style changes, stress management, introspection. Provides an opportunity to reach the depth of within. It’s a very innovative and creatively designed program where one also learns to travel form childhood to adulthood-immaturity to maturity.

Program can be designed according to the requirement of the participants.You can build energy resources to meet life and happiness by tapping the vital force which you learn at our workshop.