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CD’s & DVD’s

Yoga for children
Yoga for stress
Yoga for sportsman & women
Available in Hindi and English
A practical approach & guided video CD for children to practice Yoga for total development of memory, health & intelligence.

Yogic Burn out techniques for the people who are suffering from stress a healthy living style, diet & daily living improvements.
A video CD/Audio.


A few of the powerful yogic techniques & methods to improve strength, speed, endurance & concentration level which enhances the performance improvements.

Yoga for women problems
Yoga for B.P.& Diabetes
Yoga for Depression

Refreshing & rejenuvation of mind & body with practical yogic ways include Asana, Mudra, kriya, dynamic prana tapping & meditation, diet life style, wellness & Benefits in various problems of woman.

Performing all yogic practice to cure diabetes & High Blood Pressure. A complete guide for total health improve diet style & daily habits working style & wellness. Asana, pranayam, mudras & few Kriyas. A quick result oriented practices.


Available in Hindi and English
An easy yogic way to improve depression diet, habits, living style & wellness with kriyas, Exercises, asanas & Pranayama for self confidence & improved will.