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Work Shop

Work is worship
A wellness workshop
Developing a new paradigm for employee satisfaction and productivity


* Can money brings all comforts?

* Overall quality life am i living

* The less balanced life aiming financial success

* What is the fundamental issue?

* Does work has more load on creativity and productivity of the company?

* Are i the same enthosistic worker as i was when i joined?

* Do i need a long holiday from work?

* Are we satisfy with work place?

* What is my wellness?

Purification of the body: Asana, Pranayama, Bandhas and Mudras

Removal of Blockage in our System: Puring the Nadis, Removing emotional blockage, clearing the thinking process, a better insight for great life

Opening Body-Mind Parameters: Handling stressful mind, dealing painful situations, win over other modifications of mind like anger, depression, frustration, fear, confidence

Mixing with National Life Style: Living naturally and sahaj, the dieting habbits and work, work as celebration, meditate while working, keeping disease away, coolness of mind

Personal session problems: Sex hunger, feeling bad habbits, attitude etc.

Spirituality: Working place is spritual

Dr. Rishi Tripathi Kriya-Yoga Teacher, conducts a two-day program that tackles this fundamental issue along with areas of concern such as stress management, creativity, and employee mora which are closely linked to it. Using ancient but powerful Kriya Yoga techniques, Dr. Rishi goes to the root or this problem by experientially providing the employee with implementable and practical techniques that help every employee to address his/her own problems at the core level and find an answer to their concerns without putting the blame on any external factors. Rather than simply conduct a ‘feel-good’ workshop that talks about peace or mind, relaxation and meaning in life': Dr. Rishi focus is on imparting powerful techniques that can facilitate every employee to face the issues that he/ she is dealing with and work them out independently. The goal is to allow every employee to truly become aware, independent, and take full responsibility for themselves. The techniques he provides are not merely ‘feel good’ Devices that distract the employee from the key issues that he/she must deal with and take responsibility for. Rather, they function as tools; as magnifying glasses that bring every problem into a frame work with which the employee can truly understand it for what it really is and deal with in a completely different manner; a manner that is truly responsible, creative and effective.

Stress-free life

* Getting more creative by breaking title barrier of thinking

* Brings joy and celebration to life

* Better inter-persona! relationships

* Improves your lifestyle

* Initiates you into the art of becoming more productive

* Improved health and fitness

* Developing concentration

* Building confidence higher
motivation level

* Stress reduction and burn out

* Team building

* Better interpersonal

* Employee welfare & entertainment

* Enhancing creativity

* Focusing work as worship

* Emotional balance stability

* Higher thinking


Corporate Programme

All the creativity, innovation, vision & right action emerged from silence & it comes when one is free from his or her habits & patterns. Yoga is nothing but an art of freeing human beings from all conditionings. It is about bringing him to a state of mind where creative thinking takes place in new and vital ways – deals with the presence of work differently – respond to challenges immediately and stay calm through it all …
Rishi’s Sadhana Yoga has several corporate programme and designed modules suited to multifarious need and situations.